One Year On: Remembering Gary Speed

It’s so hard to believe a year has already passed since we learnt of the tragic death of Gary Speed.

Perhaps even more unusual is the number of football fans around the country who still feel the same acute sense of shock and disbelief as they did when the awful news filtered through that the Wales manager had taken his own life.

Even now, 12 months on, Gary’s death is still so raw in the hearts of fans; not just of those clubs he played for, but football fans in general. It is testament to him not only as a player and a professional, but, perhaps most significantly, as a person.

Anecdotes from those who knew him closely right through to those who had only the briefest of encounters with him are retold with such fondness. Gary was a person whose character touched everyone.

On 27th November 2011, Welsh football lost a great manager. The world of football lost a fantastic player and a model professional.

Gary’s family and friends lost an incredible man.

RIP Speedo. Gone but never forgotten. Your legacy lives on.


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